winning 649 ticket sold in toronto

To win or share one of the additional 1 million prizes, you must exactly match all seven numbers from one of the seven additional sets of winning numbers. .
Either way, a player ends up with the same Selections on both tickets.
Any changes to the information on the back of the ticket have to be investigated before the prize can be paid.Guaranteed 1 Million Prize Draw selections will appear as a range and each selection is a separate chance to win.A: The notification you received was not from wclc and we can assure you that you have not won a prize from wclc. .Is this still a valid ticket?Play Both is also available on lotto MAX and western MAX.All wclc selections will begin with a 2 or 3, indicating that the ticket was purchased within Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or the Territories.Back to Top Play by Subscription Q: Do I have the option to add extra to Free Plays won on a Subscription?

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Western Canada Lottery Corporation operating expenses are approximately.8 percent of sales with ticket printing accounting for an additional.0 percent.
Q: I live.C, can I order a subscription through wclc?
Because of this, large jackpots often go to multiple winners, who each receive a more moderate prize.
Your group can also create its own form.A: Western Canada Lottery Corporation (wclc) is a non-profit organization authorized to manage, conduct and operate lottery and gaming-related activities for its members, the governments of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.BC Lotteries is reporting on its website the only winning ticket for Wednesdays Lotto 649 grand prize was sold in Kelowna.What does this mean?If you have forgotten the password for that email address by going to the Forgot Login section.Printing your legal name on the ticket ensures that no one else can claim any major prize if the ticket is lost or stolen.Q: Can I play wclc's games if I live outside the Prairies or Territories?If there are multiple holders of a winning ticket as with a group win - wclc pays the complete prize to the individual designated by the group as its Trustee.A: In order for the extra number to be eligible for a draw, the word entered must appear above the extra number. .Q: Why doesnt the top prize grow when its not won?