what is sales voucher in tally

Enter narration and save the screen Summary Accounting Invoice is used to enter sales voucher for service invoice and to enter traders who do not wish to keep stock in tally.
Dispatch Details Order Details Buyer Details Fill all the party details in supplementary screen as shown in below picture.
Sundry Debtor and Sundry Creditor.
In Party A/c name, select the customer ledger or the cash ledger.
Creating Purchase Ledger in Tally We have created all the ledgers for passing a sales as well as a purchase entry.In order to run a business, we know that Sales are necessary but for selling we need to have something to sell.After selecting Sales, we have to pass Sales Entry.Again, it can be used for differentiating purchases such as domestic or international.Create, create ledger as I have explained below for.Basically, we are selling 15,000 worth of lands end gift certificate goods to Amit.Ashok Leyland A/c.Dr 45000.00 To, Tyre Sales 45000.00 Create the following ledger for sale entry antm cycle 15 winner portfolio Ashok Leyland :Under Sundry Debtors Tyre sales: Under Sales Account Recommend Read: To enter this transaction In Accounting Invoice Mode Go to Gateway of Tally Accounting Voucher F8 Sales Press.Or go look at this post in which I have explained in detail about creating ledgers in Tally.

Item Invoice:-, this type of invoice is available in companies enabled.
The person to whom you are selling.
And have a look at the Sales Accounts showing Domestic Sales of 15,000 on the right hand side of the picture.
To record an interstate sale Follow the steps used for recording a local sales transaction.Sales Ledger : Select the sales ledger, companies may have more than one sales account for taxation reporting purposes, here we have created a sales ledger namely Sale Tyre Select.Sony Bravia 15 Tv, save the screen.After you have perfectly the written the entry as shown in the picture, press Enter to save.The name of the Sundry Creditor would be Rohan.How to update stock item and stock Group for GST?I am purchasing 10,000 worth of goods from Rohan.They are: Sundry Debtor.Local sales, printed invoice format, interstate sales, how to enter Local Sales under GST rules in tally erp 9?Creating a Sundry Creditor Ledger in Tally So, by now, you would have created above two ledgers.