uw invoice voucher

Limitations are mentioned in the footer of each travel voucher.
Result at invoicing/accounting, the system retrieves the voucher number series from the FAM function connected to the division and order steam wallet codes giveaway no survey type in the table Order Type.
Amount on invoice and booking amount must be in the same currency.Summary invoicing can only be performed if the orders use the same FAM function.Connect FAM Function (CRS407).The travel vouchers and invoice are handed out by marco polo tours.The use of travel vouchers is subject to Croatian law.Otherwise, all the orders that have an order type that uses the same FAM function will get the same voucher number.Outcome, you will get different voucher number series for different types of invoices when you invoice.Create order types and FAM Functions.FAM functions can be connected to customer order types, service order types, project order types and maintenance order types.Select fROM '._DB_prefix_.'order_cart_rule ocr, where _order '.(int)this- id, this gets the amount of each voucher used, ID and so on, the voucher-codes itself however are located in a different table called "cart_rule".

How, you can choose to connect discount cialis australia a FAM function to the order type.
In this case marco polo tours will send travel voucher and invoice to client by email after money are received.).
I want to join in the code for each cart rule so I can display it on the invoice.
The connection is done on the division level.Where _order '.(int)this- id I pretty much have no idea about SQL.Client will receive by email travel voucher and invoice issued by marco polo tours after booking and payment by credit card is done ( Only exception are when client decide to pay by bank transfer.If there is no match in the table, then FAM function 1 is used.Before Starting, create order types and FAM Functions.Can someone help me with this?