top chef masters contestants season 2

But everybody cooked from their different strengths, so you know.
The chefs must create a voucher register meal encompassing these traits.
Between that and your cookbooks and your TV quiz and win prizes in pakistan stuff, are you trying to be the next Martha Stewart?
Susur Lee and, rick Moonen.
Graham Elliot Bowles (Roasted Beef Tenderloin, Chanterelle Puree, and Bacon-Kidney Vinaigrette) - Steak and Kidney Pie Jonathan Waxman (Lamb, Mashed Potatoes, and Parmesan Cheese) - Shepherd's Pie Ludo Lefebvre (Beef Tenderloin, Potatoes Confit, Roasted Peanuts with Miso, and Guinness Caramel) - Irish Stew Mark Peel.(HS WIN) The chef won a High Stakes Quickfire and won a guaranteed spot in the Champions' Round.Note: The chefs who received first and/or second place in the Preliminary Rounds move onto the Champions' Round.David Burke, david Burke Townhouse (New York,.Y.).The teams have 40 minutes total (10 minutes individually) to alternate execution of the dish.Ana Sortun - Oleana, Cambridge, Mass.Tony Mantuano - Spiaggia, Chicago, Ill.Quickfire Challenge: In teams of two, the Masters are challenged to create a dish using ingredients from a gas station in Chinatown.First, the chefs draw knives with names of various Greek gods.

Yeah, it's gonna be a fun project.
Contents, critics edit, master Contestants edit 22 chefs competed in Top Chef Masters.
In the climactic finale of Top Chef Masters, three accomplished chefs stand to face their final challenge and only one chef is crowned Top Chef Master.
Naming any incorrect ingredient ends the round and the challenger moves.
Thierry Rautureau - Rover's, Seattle, Wash.Scoring: Unlike Season 1, where the Quickfire was scored on a scale of one to five stars, there are no stars won during the Quickfire, and instead, the winner(s) of the Quickfire will receive 5,000 for their charity or charities.Quickfire Challenge: The chefs must create a dish to pair with a Stolichnaya Vodka cocktail.Susan Feniger (Marinated Sea Cucumber, Fried Sea Cucumber, and Kangaroo with Juniper Sauce) - Top 4 Tony Mantuano (Crostino with Calamari in Zimino, Braised Goat Sauce, and Goat Cheese Ravioli) - Top 4 Marcus Samuelsson (Geoduck and Kangaroo Sausage, Geoduck with Couscous, and Geoduck and.Debbie Gold The American Restaurant (Kansas City,.).Top Chef Masters judge Kelly Choi.Chefs includes first time contestant Susan student photo contest 2015 Feniger (.