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To complicate matters further, no amount of glue was able to hold all the stones permanently in place -especially when they were jostled best western voucher codes 2015 by under hot sound stage lights by active little girls.
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Well, I'm a little muddled.We finally had to take the shoes off her between shots but, even so, I would end up sweeping the stage at the end of each day to try and collect whatever had fallen off." The Beauty Of Technicolor " Keep tight inside of them.This pair has now been sequined to appear like the original ruby slippers.All you have to do is to knock the heels together three times and command the shoes to carry you wherever you wish.

Frank Baum 's Oz books.
Now, because of The Shoe That Grows, Ludi always has a pair of shoes that fit.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to: navigation, search give It Away " is a song performed by American country music artist.Shortly after Dorothy and her pet dog, Toto, unexpectedly arrived in Munchkinland, they were magically teleported onto her feet by Glinda's wand.In the English dubbed version, they are referred to as "magic slippers but no indication is given on what they are made of, be it silver, rubies, or anything else." Return to Oz (1985) Like many elements in the 1939 film, Dorothy's iconic Ruby Slippers have passed into the realm of popular legend to become, quite possibly, the most famous piece of costuming in all of motion picture history.those slippers will never come off, as long as you're alive.