tesco voucher giveaway on facebook 2014

These hoaxes reach a lot of people and the hackers often post various schemes at once.
The Get a 75 Tesco Voucher Facebook scam lures unaware users what do you mean by voucher in tally to a website which is hosted in Panama.
The Get a 75 Tesco Voucher claims that you will get a Free Resco Voucher, if you simply share and like the page which is providing the Tesco Voucher.Some Facebook users are cb2 promo code canada clearly miffed that they have been duped by the scammers: SO wheres MY voucher then NEW IT WAS TO good TO BE true.View all posts by Graham Cluley Follow @gcluley Don't delay!In a statement they say: The spoofed messages from Photo Image use your first name and contain a link that leads to a page purporting to be from Tesco, claiming you have won a 500 gift card!Then ask them these 100 security questions.If you get one of these messages, do not click on any links or download any files.Tesco is unimpressed that its brand is being brought into disrepute by the scammers as well, posting a message on its official Facebook page: scam warning: Please do not click on ads, links or pages offering 'Free Tesco Shopping Vouchers' that appear to be from.Latest episodes: You might also like, about the author, Graham Cluley, graham Cluley is a veteran of the anti-virus industry having worked for a number of security companies since the early 1990s when he wrote the first ever version of Dr Solomons Anti-Virus Toolkit for.These scams are designed to steal your personal information and could lead you vulnerable to other types of fraud that include identity theft.So I paused and scouted around a bit. .But that isn't the only company in the firing line.Please warn your friends.

The page that pops up when you click to claim the fake offer contains Tesco's logo, branding and company slogan.
Just as with the, sound off contest shreveport aSDA example, these scams involve tricking users to re-share a link (driving even more traffic - such as Facebook friends - to the fraudulent offer and often earn money by signing users up for expensive premium rate services or by taking.
They've been issuing warnings on their website and official Facebook page.Take a look at this massive list of Facebook schemes, and stay aware!The advice is not to give out any personal information to crooks over the phone, put the phone down and ring the psni on 101 or Action Fraud on during weekdays (Mon to Fri) between 9 am and.I clicked on the link, looked kosher, in proper English, convincing looking Tesco logo, but.And, unfortunately, Facebook hasn't been able to do a great job of proactively stamping out these scams - so expect more to pop up in the future, perhaps involving other brands.Graham Cluley Security News Facebook page.Of course, you never receive an actual shopping voucher.Dear Facebook users, be aware of the Get a 75 Tesco Voucher scam which is currently viral on Facebook.