sweeping account crossword clue

You should add this below your solution.
Unfortunately, the first bit is often misinterpreted as meaning having meaning, and the last bit is vaguely written and often misinterpreted as meaning having meaning, so if someone really wants this to appear in Wiktionary they can easily attest it and I am wasting keystrokes.
And seasoned solvers: any omissions, or favourite uses of the apostrophe?(3) Last letter acrostic 20 Find details oddly lacking in dream (5) (-f) I (-n) D (-d) E (-t) A (-i) L (-s) 22 Cook consuming excellent, sizzling hot luscious starters with sauce!Although he wasnt able to complete and send the full solutions before the deadline, the effort is appreciated.I can think of some nouns that would fit: "kudos "thanks "nuts photo deals online "goodbye and noun phrases "all praise "good luck "good riddance".One-off comes from the British foundry industry where moulds were, and probably still are, used to make metal objects.I think I might add "shapen as I missed that one.In the absence of criteria, only onesies, aka hapax legomena, are incontrovertibly "rare".

Anyway, it is part of the dictionary.
I don't see any particular problem with having a Translingual entry for the "com" TLD, and an English entry for the noun ".com" (qua alternative spelling).
They did not dare to go to the police.
21:42 z We have camest and cometh but not these two, which seem well attested.Although come to think of it, I think all in can be qualified by an adverb (absolutely all in) so therefore It'd meet CFI right?(PBS broadcast the eight-hour Freedom: A History of Us, based on Joy Hakims books for grade schoolers, in 2003, but History isnt counting that.) The executive producer of America: The Story of Us is Jane Root, a former Discovery Channel president who was involved.Im a big enterprise car rental printable coupons free upgrade believer in: Show people that path and it becomes easier in some ways.Equinox 11:06, (UTC) I disagree.Arachne : 3d, certain people crash Tims stag do (10) make an anagram of (crash) tims stag. 02:06 z I think that some form of mind in the gutter / mind out of the gutter is called for, because of the very particular relationship here between the two elements which looks to me almost like a set phrase of some sort.OlEnglish 07:29, (UTC) The OED records this spelling, but the only cite is from 1793.