sweep frequency generator circuit

Hence, the 12V supply to the sweep generator must be regulated.
(Blips on the trace normally show up to mark where the sweep starts and finishes).
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On the contrary, if an ultrasonic cleaner runs at a fixed frequency, it will cause three potential issues including stand wave, damage to parts and poor cleaning result.The output can be applied to transducers at constantly changing frequencies.One complete cycle of the frequency variation is called a sweep.Because of this, the writer made an effort to design a simple sweep generator which could be used in conjunction with the radio shack cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO) to plot the response.Figure 4- The Detector Circuit, for the record, it is pointed out that the input resistance of V1 is not particularly high and if connected across high impedance circuits, it might require a further high resistance interface.The most important component of a sweep-frequency generator is the master oscillator.By rectifying and RF filtering in a simple AM detector, the output is converted to a DC voltage varying as a function of time and this voltage is applied to the vertical input of the CRO.This type of sound waves travelling from the bottom transducers to liquid level can significantly improve the cleaning effect.Adjustments can be brought to the sweep rates in a sweep frequency generator and it normally can be varied from 100.01 seconds per sweep. .A gain control is provided as, on the other hand, too high a signal level input can drive the amplifier into saturation.However, over the entire frequency range of the sweep, the amplitude of the signal output is designed to remain constant.

Again measure and record the signal generator frequency using the counter.
Each transducer can be drived at a very narrow frequency band.
Figure 5- Measurement of Bandwidth.Such an output will have its frequency automatically varied or swept between two selected frequencies.Summary, the finalised heterodyne sweep generator circuit makes use of three integrated circuit packages, one for sawtooth generation, one as a frequency modulated fixed carrier frequency oscillator and one to mix the modulated oscillator with an external variable signal source.However, by setting it right at 1MHz, the frequency required from the external oscillator becomes obvious without putting pencil to paper or referring to the calculator.Principle of sweep-frequency technology, in general cleaning system, ultrasonic transducers are mounted on the bottom of the stainless steel tank to operate effectively at a certain frequency.In the case of mechanically varied models, a motor driven capacitor is used to tune the of the output signal of the master oscillator.To achieve this for a range of frequencies, it is easiest to sweep a single frequency (say 1MHz) and heterodyne this to the test frequency required.Generators are designed to sent the signal which can be varied slightly in a range of frequencies to cleaning transducers.Front panel view of the Sweep Generator.Evaluation, to cheek the performance of the sweep generator, it was used to plot the response of a number of filters, which had previously been evaluated using a good quality spectrum analyser.