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If they could weigh up exactly 500g made up of five different varieties of sweets (aided by one of the checkout girls) 50 would be added to the sub-total.
On answering a question correctly, they have 10 seconds added to their clock.
Original games were: Counting Calories, Rhyme Time, In Betweens, Totals, Memory Game, Higher or Lower?, Pick a Pair, Random Reveal, Reverse Reveal, Scrambled Letters, and Dale's Bluff.Bonuses edit, pick 'n' Mix: From series two, players weight 500g of five different varieties of sweets worth 50 on their subtotal.The contestants then have to find the item with a "Supermarket Sweep" logo on within the supermarket and return to the start with it within 30 seconds for a bonus of 25 (50 in the revived version) to their sub total.The team must find the item from the clue to get the next clue.Central in association with Fremantle (UK) Productions (formerly Talbot Television) for ITV, 6 September 1993 to 19 December 1997 (380 episodes in 5 series).The team with the highest combined total of "bonus score value of the items in their trolley" went through to the Super Sweep.Free range: Fill up a carton of eggs for a 50 bonus.Various bonuses are available to boost their totals and there are penalties for dropped items.Dale gives a penalty of 25 to teams who: Leave dropped items Break store items His regular joke is that there would also be a penalty for "knocking over the cameraman".

Dale's Shopping List : Before the sweep, Dale read out three items.
This was like a heavily-condensed version.
The shelves and prices and products all came from Co-op, Asda or Somerfield supermarkets depending on which series you look.
Behind the first two were clues to the next one and behind the third object was 2000.The commission of the 2007 revival originally had a run of 5 celebrity specials and 55 episodes regular episodes making it 60 episodes.This resulted in a grand total.Catchphrases, dale: "Good morning shoppers!" Contestants: "Good morning Dale!" "Yes, sweep 3d studio max Dale." "The next time you're at the checkout and you hear the beep.The first member of each team played the first two rounds, they swapped over for the next two, and the "Round Robin" free-for-all at the end involved the players pointlessly swapping positions after every single question.There were a few stipulations though - no shopper was allowed more than three of any one item and any broken or dropped items carried a heavy penalty (25).To accommodate for this, by the end he no longer wore smart, acid-coloured suits and the show was renamed "Dale's Supermarket Sweep"."Dial Dale and be a winner!" Ooh er Missus!Grundy softsurroundings com promo code and Carlton for ITV, to 6 September 2001 (85 episodes in 1 series).These were usually semi-obscure items.