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Which eligible educative interaction did you attend?
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Solar hot water components.I confirm that I have attended an windows 7 sound drivers free download 32 bit eligible educative interaction with SafeWork NSW prior to the purchase of eligible safety solutions for my business/myself and ABN as described above, and the safety solutions have been paid for, received, and fitted in accordance with manufacturers instructions.In effect, this provides an up-front discount for those who purchase solar systems for their homes or businesses, as installers usually assume the responsibility for creating the STCs as well as the risks associated with holding onto or selling them.Solar hot water faq, do you have questions about solar hot water?If you're considering a new hot water system for your home, we can help you compare the advantages of solar hot water, and even assist with comparative"s and estimates of energy savings for different type of hot water system. .Contact our expert team Need professional advice and not just a sales pitch?The highly energy efficient range of Chromagen solar hot water and heat pump systems do qualify to generate STCs under the Federal Government STCs program.The current LGC price can be seen on the.Government rebates: For a limited time you may be eligible for government rebates of up to 2400 on your new system - a significant saving. .I am aware that application processing times may vary and that the timelines provided are indicative only.

The set period deeming period was 15 years until the end of 2016, and is reduced by one year each year thereafter until 2030.
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Evacuated tube, which is the best type of collector for your solar hot water system?Back to top, solar rebates and incentives, solar power rebates: Federal Solar Rebates and State feed-in tariffs.The Federal Government announced on 16 November 2012 that it was closing the Solar Credit scheme six months early on Customers who signed a contract with an installer prior to 16 November 2012 have until the end of June 2013 to install a system.Yes, no, how long has the business been operating?Contact us for more information on your eligibility.Clean Energy Council website.