sars tax rebates 2012

In such case that other person is deemed to be the one to whom the dividend is paid.
The issue of a preference share to fund a dividend.
Dear Taxpayer, sars is hungry for money.
Exit charge Following the widely reported Tradehold case, the rules relating to the so-called exit charge have been re-written orange top up voucher expiry in the form of a restated section 9H of the Act, which is deemed to have come into operation on (shortly after the Tradehold decision was.Thus even if the parties (not being members of the same group) believe they are dealing at base cost by using section 42 of the Act, if the incorrect number of shares is issued, a capital gain or deemed dividend could arise.Where debt is issued, the cost is equal to the amount of the debt.One that sars won't look at twice, reassess and penalise you for.There's also André van ann summers discount code 2016 Staden - a tax specialist with nine years of experience in advising both individuals and companies on a wide variety of taxation matters.With sars hungry to increase its collection revenue, it doesn't want you to know how to pay less tax like this.The rate per kilometer travel allowance, which you need to calculate travel allowances.

In essence this means that the share can be issued for one or more of the following purposes: A direct or indirect acquisition of an equity share in an operating company.
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Amendments relating to credit notes and debit notes.
The price of this, and bearing in mind that this is a summary, is that one sacrifices technical precision in the process.Using a company owned vehicle Example: No logbook Mr Smith uses his personal vehicle for business purposes.Where the reduction of the debt exceeds the cost of the stock still held, the excess is treated as a taxable recoupment.We're a team of tax experts and we've prepared this exclusive.These are ordinary companies which issue shares and linked debentures, and are often listed on the JSE, where virtually all the profit is distributed to shareholders in the form of a tax-deductible interest payment on the debenture element.Review the 100 legal tips and strategies.In fact, the salary structuring solutions that the Practical Tax team has uncovered allow you more leeway to structure salaries in the future without affecting your gross salary now.His vehicle costs him R250 000 including Vat, but excluding finance charges.Amendment TO value shifting rules A value shifting arrangement arises essentially where a person allows himself or herself to be diluted in relation to an interest in a company, trust or partnership in favour of a connected person (for example a parent owns 100 shares.