safari themed items

Use Safari themed cookie cutters to cut out Safari shaped animals in brownies, cookies, or sandwiches.
Zebra - 4' high x 2' 10" wide.
After each level, you can use the money you earn to buy items or upgrades from the shop.
This is a ford car giveaway point and click TM style game, where you click the customer to give them a menu first, and then click on the item they order, deliver the order and click to check them out.
The slower you are at doing these tasks, directly affects the tip, with gold, silver or bronze coins earned.The only thing you get with the CE version, is 10 Concept Art pictures that are very cartoonish, 5 downloadable Music Soundtracks, 12 Trophies to earn for hitting milestones, and 10 Bonus Levels.The gameplay addicting, storyline fun and classic, and the graphics more up to date, I especially love all the updates we can do, really a great game and I surely hope there will be a third?!A customer may want a steak, or a steak burger with veggies, and or condiments.Safari Party Invitation Ideas, on invitations that are plain on the outside place stickers of different safari animals. .Napping Baby Gift Bundle- Too cute idea for a baby shower gift-Tia.You don't have to drag anybody or anything (a feature I really find annoying) After checking the customers out, they leave you a tip that requires another click on the coins to receive your tip.Our estimated delivery date for this product is noted in checkout.Only problem was over too fast.Binoculars, compasses, boxes of Animal Crackers, entrance ticket to the zoo.

I love how as I play the game, if I fail a level I have an opportunity to retry, but it doesn't start me off completely anew.
Let the children keep the animals and candy they find or turn them in for prizes.
Date published:, rated 5 out of 5 by ladydaa from Serving it up TM style!Draw zebra, lion and giraffe foot prints on the sidewalk outside the party with sidewalk chalk.Safari Party Games, gifted education endorsement virginia safari Treasure Hunt, hide plastic animals, footprints cut from paper or candy around the party area for guests to find. .To keep customers happier longer.Elephant - 2' 10" high x 3' 5" wide.The scrapbook is postbound and expandable.Party Games for 5 and 6 year olds.Adorable Snowman Diaper Cake for a winter baby shower.