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Reservations required; register online here or call (315) x113 Calling all witches, wizards, house elves and goblins - you're cordially invited to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo for an enchanted celebration fit for the Hogwarts gang.
"Bad Economy Causes Bronx Zoo to Evict Animals".
75 In December 2012, five Chinese yellow-headed box turtles, a critically endangered species, were born.
5 43 In September 2010, the pair gave birth to a male named "Hoover the first to ever be born at the zoo.
External link in title ( help ) "World of lip sync contest ideas Birds"."Visitors Back at Bronx Zoo"."In Defense of Animals 10 Worst Zoos for Elephants 2015".Two of those calves, named "Grumpy" and "Happy were brought to the zoo in 1977.Tickets: 18 members 20 non-members includes zoo admission.The trail also takes runners through the now-closed section of the zoo where the "Rare Animal Range" once stood.The animal died on August 15, 1908.Mouse House Aquatic Bird House Russell.110 111 The exhibit also had duplicate enclosures for the zoo's Arabian oryx, blesbok, Père David's deer, and broad-snouted caiman as well as a large pond with a pair of small islands in the center which were home to a pair of golden-cheeked gibbons.26 Bronx Zoo admission prices since 1989 Year Adult admission 1989.95.95 (Total Experience).95.95 (Total Experience) In 2009, New York City cut funding richmond daily deal for the state's 76 zoos, aquariums, and botanical gardens."The antelope house at the Bronx Zoological Park was opened to the public yesterday." "Taft Enjoys Trip To The Bronx Zoo".98 The building was built to emphasize the fact that 150 acres (61 ha) of rainforest is lost every minute.

"Dozens Stuck in Midair at the Bronx Zoo".
New York: Pantheon Books.
If you visit a reciprocating institution but are asked to pay, please keep your receipt.Meet the new tiger cubs at the Bronx Zoo"."Composting Toilets, The Bronx Zoo, and Design that's Disgusting".Unfortunately, due to a huge budget cut and the unpopularity of the species with visitors, they were phased-out of the collection.However, he also passed an energy subsidy that brought the cuts down.7-million.He was the first cub of "Leo".