ps3 giveaway 2015

Its not much but I have a code here for Yuna's Garb in Lightning Returns PS3.
Sony recently revealed the free games lineup for PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of January, featuring a few huge hits and some beloved classics, updated for modern consoles.
Please use this thread to post any Game/DLC codes that you have that you do not want and instead wish to give away to gamers for free.It's still worth a nominal.19 on the PSN store now.Zasady zabawy: W zabawie nie moe bra udziau redakcja Eurogamera.Posted on 19 December 14 at 13:23 E94D-D9NE-8KT4 - Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Requires a Japanese account Find me more often on TA but ill be here, you've been warned :D Posted on 18 January 15 at 16:51, Edited on 18 January.Find me more often on TA but ill be here, you've been warned :D.I dont know anything about Woah Dave!Forum meaning of contest in tamil for discussing where to pick up cheap deals.What better way to ring in the new year than with a bunch of free games on all of your PlayStation devices?

(And a thanks wouldn't hurt either second Note: This thread is NOT for requesting free codes but for posting them, please stop asking for codes.
Note: For people using the codes please post which code you used so others know that a code has been redeemed.
Thank you for sharing these on their behalf.Destiny Vanguard Armoury (PS4 2KCE-5TNH-ER89 Advanced Warfare Bonus Custom Exoskeleton (PS4 3ECN-89NE-53GT Advanced Warfare Day Zero Content (PS4 dtkj-jnng-RMH5 PS 1 Month Trial: 7LTJ-64NF-F783 Posted on 19 January 15 at 00:28, Edited on 19 January 15 at 00:29 by If anyone cares to, feel free.Destiny beta, voucher Code for PS4: 86QC-cgnc-jrdd, voucher Code for PS3: TK63-54NJ-RJA5 Posted on 24 July 14 at 09:13, Edited on 24 July 14 at 09:20 by Benzmanken said: destiny beta Voucher Code for PS4: 86QC-cgnc-jrdd Voucher Code for PS3: TK63-54NJ-RJA5 Alais, someone already used.Users who previously took a free game from Sony's "Welcome Back" promotion, when PSN service returned in 2011, will be able to choose from one of the digital reward options."Booyah." - Jeff Winger Posted on 27 July 14 at 21:58 BillyHorrible said: Yeah I already heard, but thanks for posting anyways.Roczny abonament PS Plus otrzymuj: Dazzl89 okarin grzegorzkurek 3-miesiczny abonament PS Plus otrzymuj: Uto8 maciejziebicki michalmarek 1-miesiczny abonament PS Plus otrzymuj: Callesson, miku77, khedron68, hansu_52 harrison_78.