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"Pole dancing is not widely accepted in China as many people regard it as vulgar and pornographic he told local media, adding that his parents were his biggest critics.
Midnight Circus Pole Dance Duo promo.
Emily Tan on razortv - Duo Pole Dance part1.Sun Ying Zhi, a 22-year-old guy from Yibin in Sichuan province, spent six years working as a construction worker before he discovered pole dancing for himself, while watching videos online.More than 20 dancers took part in the xbox one black friday deals dell contest.Despite injuries from his unconventional approach, he preserved knowing that practice makes perfect.Razortv had exclusive access to what discount under armour golf apparel goes on in a workshop involving two athletes.Viral 19:57 (updated 23:31 ) Get short URL 113, after years of working at building sites, a young go-getter from China swapped his tools for a pole and beat the worlds best dancers at Pole Art France 2017!November 18th, 2017 pole position Exotic pole dance contest 70 performers ON stage we will wait you next year on stage!(Photo by Tomas Bravo/Reuters).

Sun was so impressed by what he saw, that he installed a pole in his dorm and started training by himself based on online videos.
After about six months Sun received his first paid job as a pole dancer.
Pole dancers in Mexico have taken to the streets to celebrate their sport and show others the skills involved.
Besides a brilliant career, Sun's passion for pole dancing also brought him love: he plans to marry his girlfriend, also a pole dancer, soon.
You can check petco instagram contest out his mesmerizing performance in the video below.On September 24, Sun Ying Zhi won the Pole Art France 2017 competition in the Elite Men Category, a top pole dancing contest held in Paris.The First Belarusian championship, exotic pole dance 2014 was held in the nightclub, dozari in Minsk on December.In 2013 his efforts paid off, when Sun was selected to become a reserve member of the Chinese national pole dancing team.More than 20 dancers have taken part in the contest. Sun soon raised enough money to open his own pole dancing academy in Guangzhou, hoping it will help to change attitudes among Chinese men.Events turned to the good after he won the Best Performance prize at London's international competition in 2014 this victory even helped him to melt his parents' hearts, and they finally accepted his career choice.The Pole Dance National Day celebration saw pole dancers gather in parks, outdoor gyms and on streets, using street lamps, sign posts and other objects to put on displays across Mexico City."My father demanded I stop because he thought I was causing him to lose face Sun explained.