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If youre looking for new coverage or just trying to understand this scary process, Oscar can help.
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Its something simple and unexpected like that that can really take a gift from good to great!
As a child I have memories my mom laying in her bed for what felt like days (it was probably 3 hours, Im so clingy) with all the lights off just in pain.If I told you I was in pain everyday, that would just bring everyone down.As my hair has gotten bigger and more full of secrets, the blind spot has increased so if you sneak up aside me, dont be alarmed when I try to attack you I mean I am a slightly blind black belt so a girls gotta.I slipped, hit my ribs on the tile counter and fell on the floor.Keurig coffee maker in the house for moments like these is great, because everyone can have their own custom brew just the way they like.For your BFF: Im always trying to introduce more color to my friends worlds so the Keurig K-Select coffee maker in this pretty vintage red hue makes the perfect gift!Please know I am not a doctor or a medical professional, Im just sharing my experience with you.So before I go, I wanted to end by saying how important you guys are to my health.Really having a positive outlook on it has been the best way Ive healed and managed.If youre sneaky, wake up early Christmas morning and plant the coffee maker in the kitchen with a big red bow!

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Today I wanted to take a kind of serious turn from the holiday spirit a talk a little bit about health (or lack there of sometimes) and how it can affect me during this time of year in partnership with Oscar so here we go!
Be Be Aggressive Sophmore year of high school I was practicing for cheer tryouts in my tile bathroom (for the mirror) while wearing socks.
Not to get too graphic but they had to cut along the nipple, about half of it in order to getting there and get my little lemon sized babe out.Im always trying to convince Paris to sweater twin with me and today is the lucky day!One of the leopard Queens in both real life and on the runway is model Chanel Iman!I could easily gift her these cautttteee red bow heels that she could wear before or after christmas for years to come.When I eat pasta or something high in gluten, my stomach will swell out and be rock hard.