online music promotion ideas

Then at the venue you can count up how many flyers you got back.
Getting others involved with saturday giveaway the promotion process!
Only target these places with your promotions.It's also important to effectively promote your music video.Always give your core fans your core product regardless of what else you try.Social media (well talk more about that later is great and all, but no one can keep track of everything in their feeds.Why stop at digital?Well while there could be a number of different reasons for this, one of the most common is that successful persons ability to handle the business side of the music industry.Instagram: update your fans on a regular basis.Submit Music, when it comes to merchandise, make sure it's available everywhere your fans might look for it - your website, Bandcamp, and, amazon.Be sure to bookmark this page for future use.Simply put, reaching out to radio stations over the phone is a massive cold calling effort.

If then another musicians was giving them more attention, its very likely theyd continue following and supporting them instead.
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The categorization on DailyMotion makes it really easy for users to browse and discover new videos, which can make it a great source of discovery for your next music video.
Collaborate with anyone who can either introduce you to their decent sized fanbase, or reward you financially (as long as theyre also good).Cons Many advanced features require a Pro plan, which starts at 199/month.Unlike mainstream media, you don't need to write press releases.Facebook Video, i know what you're thinking - "I can just share my video to Facebook.".Even if its only something small.Share a link to iTunes or SoundCloud.More hands make lighter work; its not a good idea to do everything by yourself once you know you have something that people will really take too, So get others involved once your talent level is at a good level and you know what direction.