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Its officials openly talked to academy sports outdoor printable coupon Jane McManus about ignoring the six-game rule, and espn reported these numbers at the time: Since the six-game suspension language was added to the personal conduct policy, there have been nine NFL suspensions potentially related to domestic violence.
Payton Recalls Insane MJ S-t Talk.
This time, the NFL had a cooperative witness and a player and team owner who all but told them to go to hell.
Cole Goes Crazy for DSJ.The fact that just making it up has for once brought them down on the side of the accuser and not the accused doesnt make it any better.Or he might not.If the suspension is reduced on appealwhich is highly likelyGoodell will blame the union again, continuing the owners quest to make the only advocate for players completely irrelevant.Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of Getty Images is strictly prohibited.Buried at the bottom of the NFLs memo, though, is perhaps the most telling part of all.For example, the league memo at no point discusses an affidavit signed by a witness, Ayrin Mason, in which she said Thompson, Elliotts ex-girlfriend, asked her to lie and say she saw Elliott attack her.(This being the NFL, and someone perhaps realizing that wasnt the best thing to have said, an anonymous source told the, washington Post the exact opposite, saying, The issue of cooperation or lack thereof was not considered.).

To every appearance, what matters to the NFL is that this decision makes Goodell look strong.
Thompson shared those photos with people and then had a conversation with at least one of these persons about the injury and who caused it, Harvey said.
If there is an eerie repetition to all this, its that whoever doesnt cooperate gets the NFLs scornits just this time that person is the player himself, which perhaps explains why the NFL took a shot at the players union, blaming them for the delay.Elliott might have to undergo counseling.This dynamic can be seen playing out in the letter that the NFL sent to Elliott explaining his punishment, a league press call about the suspension, and the usual anonymous sources feeding NFL beat writers.And Harvey threw in another observation: For example, its uncommon for women to take photographs of their injuries the day that they occurred.Tim Daniels via Bleacher Report, call Made TE Quit Social Media.The NFL is an employer and it can do whatever it damn well wants with it employees, as long as it stays within the lines of the relevant law and collectively-bargained agreements with the players union.