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It would doubtless be welcomed by todays Revisionist historians christmas contest name ideas - After the flood of somewhat unpleasant war literature,.the general public will no doubt turn with relief to a book such as this, which looks upon war in the healthy British way.
20th August A very mixed bag today, only 1 of which is in a jacket.
1st August Taking superdry gift certificate a break from the rigours of Olympic Beach Volleyball to bring ваучер dead trigger 2 2016 you some new pictures courtesy of two of my regular contributors.
(Ive thought of giving this website a sub- heading - The home of the misplaced Apostrophe - I really havent a clue as to where they should go).
Described as very rare in its jacket the copy on this site was bought for around 25 as I recall was one of a pair on offer at the time.the Iron Guard of Pennsylvania.Maurices account of the opening days of the War, an improved image of Major Breretons account of the New Zealanders in the War a fictional?To that end Ive added a list of the missing volumes to my Books Wanted page.Remarkably the poet, Isaac Rosenberg, was also studying there at the same time but sadly does not feature in the exhibition.5th July A new page at last featuring German editions of classic English War literature.

13th November Back from the excellent Military Bookfair at Deepcut barracks.
20th December I was so pleased to unearth this rare survivor that it deserves to be todays sole entry.
The Kiplings were all issued in September 1914, presumably in an attempt to boost morale.
22nd June A motley crew today selected from my dwindling band of reserves.
You remember when Sunday meant getting dressed up to go to church, family dinners, quiet streets, and closed stores.Dread to think what theyd have priced the Neville at!18th June As expected the June Fairs yielded very little for.23rd December Probably the last posting of the year unless the endless diet of TV repeats forces me back to the computer.First published in 1919 reprinted many times its proved particularly elusive in any form of dust jacket.11th June Just 1 new book today - mbs.N.T.5th March I thought Id draw all of todays images from Tom Donovans latest catalogue (122) which has a large selection of War poetry.The doggy book comes, as you may have guessed, from Fons Oltheten.I would imagine that the sight of the 2 Byng Boys pictured on the front would have had the Germans high- tailing it back to Berlin in no time.