mn renters rebate form

File by August 15, 2017, your 2016 Form M1PR should be mailed by, brought to, or electronically filed with the department by August 15, 2017.
The following chart provides an overview of the particulars of each type of refund to help you determine which refund(s) you qualify for.
How to Get an RPA, to request an RPA, call our contact number listed above.
The address of the rental unit and the county where its located.
Landlord Specifications for Reproducing Certificates of Rent Paid (CRP ).For more information on the requirements for this early refund program, click the following link to access the Minnesota Department of Revenue's web site).If your return is incomplete or necessary information is not enclosed, your refund will be delayed or your return will be sent back to you.Regular Refund, special Refund, who qualifies: - Homeowners - Renters - Nursing home residents - Mobile home owners - Homeowners, refund amount: - Homeowners - Renters - Up to 2,660 - Up to 2,060 - Up to 1,000.Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP your landlord is required by law to give you a completed CRP no later than Jan.Pricing, check out our, pricing page for current pricing including a special "package pricing" option for current-year M1PR filers.You must include a CRP when filing your Property Tax Refund return, unless you have to use a Rent Paid Affidavit (see below).For more information: View a list of CRP software products.Renters need the CRP to apply for the state.MN Refund (or Amount Due) in the upper right corner of the screen.The state summary will show the state refund or balance due, and then the Property Tax Refund amount.Homeowners can qualify for one or two different types of refunds. .

The number of renters in the unit, dates it was rented and amount of rent paid each month.
If youve requested an RPA from the department, you must file Form M1PR on paper even if you later receive a CRP from your landlord.
All rental property owners, managers or operators must provide.
How to File, download and complete, form M1PR, Homestead Credit Refund (for Homeowners) and Renter's Property Tax Refund or ask us to mail the forms to you by calling or (toll-free).
Minnesota property tax return, continue through the filing steps until you reach the Submit Return screen.Form M1PR is used by both homeowners and renters to claim a refund on property taxes that have either been paid directly to one's county (for homeowners) or indirectly via rent paid to one's landlord (for renters).Renters may qualify for a Property Tax Refund based on their household income, number of dependents and how much property tax they paid through rent on their principal place of residence.Before requesting an RPA, you should make every attempt to obtain a correct CRP from your landlord.If you have a lot of renters, you may prefer to use a software product past simple verb sweep to generate CRPs or to produce your own.You may receive your refund up to 30 days earlier than the dates listed above if you: electronically file your return by May 15 (if a renter) or July 1 (if a homeowner or mobile home owner and chose the direct deposit option; and filed.Getting Started page for M1PR filers.Select, complete all Property Tax Refund.To e-file your Minnesota Property Tax Return: Click on the, filing tab, select, e-File My Return, and then choose the option to file.The steps below will enable you to enter or review information for the Minnesota Property Tax Refund in the State Q A section of your TaxAct return: From within your TaxAct return (.