miami toll rebate

Almost 3 million is expected to be returned to commuters in the move.
The registration period, which began in January, ended Friday.
Less than half of the participants qualified for rebates either year.No tax dollars go into the MDX highways, and tolling users has allowed the system to perform regular maintenance at a time when Miami-Dade County is facing heat for allowing its Metrorail system to fall into disrepair for lack of maintenance over the years.When it was unveiled, Garcia points out, the original MDX advantage program was mired in red tape, with its strict registration and eligibility windows.No one cared; no one was listening, he says.The 2017 program was so popular that within the first 24 hours alone, more than 12,000 customers signed up, MDX chairman Louis Martínez said discount posters canada in a statement."We are thrilled to receive money back from MDX said Alex Jimenez of All Dade Fences, a small business in Miami that received cash back in 2015.Refund checks are expected to be mailed in December.Before that, long stretches of State Road 836 (Dolphin Expressway) and the entire length of State Road 878 (Snapper Creek Expressway) were not tolled.

In the first two years, nearly one-third of tolls paid by commuters in the program were refunded, according to the agency.
"A lot of people are calling foul Garcia says.
This year, more than 84,000 drivers registered for the rebates under the Frequent Driver Rewards Program.
1, the first time MDX allowed new participants to sign up the same week that existing participants received their rebate checks.But for 2017, the rebate payout shrunk to 22 percent as more people signed up for the giveback program.Last year, eligible drivers received 30 percent of their tolls back in rebate checks.Some of the registrants may not meet the parameters set by the expressway authority.After MDX's credit rating improved (and it became cheaper to borrow money there is cash left over from last year's toll hike.On Tuesday evening, though, the MDX board approved the new rebate program in a 13-0 vote that significantly eased the advantage program's qualification requirements.