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This is your Grandmother's dryer, from a fully mechanical control panel to the powdered interior, everything about the medc300BW is from a time before man walked on the moon.
They live up to their names.
This review was published on April 07, 2014.Maytag makes it easy to compare features and select the products right for you.We found that this dryer can overdry, especially for mixed loads.With an msrp of 599, try caviar coupon code you can find the Maytag medc300BW for as cheap as 450, making it one of the cheapest dryers on the market.
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Although the medc300BW got too hot for our liking, it did get laundry completely dry.
Conclusion, the front of the Maytag Centennial medc300BW looks like an appliance out of the Cold War.
There are no secondary menus or extra buttons.
That means everything is simple and straightforward.
The kicker is that it only took 30 minutes.However, this also means the dryer has few features beyond the.Each of these cycles can be further adjusted by being set on low, medium, or high heat.Eureka Maytag Service Flooding, leaking washer.Check our rebates page for future Maytag promotions throughout the year or discover great appliance deals at your local retailers.The Maytag medc300BW at work.The maximum temperature was just within the damage threshold, and our test laundry came out 85 percent dry.And it's hard to argue with the drying results.