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In Los Angeles, residents save far more water on their own, without incentives, than they do through expensive rebate programs, according to a new audit from the city controller's office.
How long does it take to get a rebate check?
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Under pace, homeowners may obtain a loan to finance these improvements.
But it's the responsibility of my office to look at the hard numbers Galperin told kpcc.It is expected that applications for residential rebates will be accepted beginning in August.How long does it take to get pre-approval?I am interested but need financial assistance.Residential turf removal and replacement efforts implemented through customer rebates.The details of these programs are still being finalized.To learn more about the Program click on the.Water your live turf with potable water (not recycled water).Turf removal and replacement efforts targeting non-state government buildings in the San Joaquin Valley that will be conducted in partnership with the California Conservation Corps.The Cash for Grass program has been a successful program and has removed over 2,000,000 square feet of inefficient turf and replaced it with drought-tolerant, efficient landscaping.Have at least 250 square feet of turf to be removed (If you have less, you may still qualify if the project removes all turf from your property).That's because when the DWP buys water, it can bill its customers for the water and any overhead incurred.

The DWP also said that the cost of the turf program rebates is lower than the cost of buying and importing water, which it argued translates to long-term savings for customers.
The audit calls on the city and DWP to take a closer look at the return on investment of each of its rebate programs in order to achieve more sustained and cost-effective water savings.
Jerry Brown's mandated savings, which were given earlier this year, turf replacement programs have emerged as a particularly popular option among both commercial and residential customers.
City Controller Ron Galperin's office found DWP's program is "largely a gimmick" that, while perhaps successful as an advertising campaign, fell short in terms of fairness and cost effectiveness.
DOC, pDF, july Public Workshop Materials, a public meeting was held on Thursday July 2, 2015 to present the initial planning for the Turf Replacement Initiative and to receive comments.A DWR-led statewide campaign to promote the conversion of lawns to low water use landscapes that will be implemented in partnership with regional and local water agencies.In effect, voluntary efforts accounted for 88 percent of the overall reduction in daily water use per capita, the auditors said.If you have any questions regarding the residential turf rebate program, please send an e-mail.The audit found that every dollar DWP invests in its "Cash in Your Lawn" program over 10 years is estimated to save just 350 gallons of water.