how to run an instagram photo contest

Regardless of promotional code best buy fitbit your professional activity, you can always offer prizes with a low cost to you but ones that would be of great interest to your audience.
Extend the invitation to participate to your email subscribers by sending over a quick and friendly email to announce the offer.
To choose a winner, you can search the hashtag: The benefits of this kind of Instagram photo contest is that your business gains exposure to all of your followers followers!
Step 4 Choose A Relevant Prize.
Have your audience solely follow you or do so in addition to creating a post.In the example below, fashion blogger Mary Summers-Hafner has a more involved set of rules and disclaimers that she included in the image caption.You dont have to offer prizes related to the company, you can also take advantage of the festival days of the year or popular events in the city to make some kind of contest.The winner that was chosen received a unique pair of Sperry shoes featuring their photo.Ideally, you want to a pick a theme that aligns with your market, product, or services.You just need to do two things.Many brands choose to have a mixed-method approach and use a combination of voting and jury to determine the winner.

When my travel blog, local Wanderer ran an Instagram photo contest we set the contest length for two weeks, which was way too long!
The possibilities are endless.
What do you think?
Stunning brand awareness great audience outreach!
Follow sothentheysayblog) and ALL bloggers/ shops.2) Create an entry method.Let us know in the comment section below.In this article youll discover four simple steps to host Instagram contests that build buzz for your brand.Heres how to enter: Follow @mybusiness @otherbusiness, post a new photo of your favorite summer spot to Instagram.Another option is to create a campaign landing page that houses both your rules and your entry form.In fact, you should promote it on all of your social channels.Just because youre hosting your contest on Instagram doesnt mean you cant promote it elsewhere.Not only will you end up engaging and expanding your audience, but youll also end up with great new content you can use to inspire future content and contests.Its critical to select the most relevant, best hashtags to get followers.