how to run a giveaway contest on facebook

Thank them for participating in your contest - and invite them to sa re ga ma pa little champs 2008 contestants your next one.
The prize is key to getting lots of people to enter.
Send a follow-up email: Send an email to all of your participants.You CAN make it a requirement to like a page to enter, but they must also enter in the application or your website afterwards.Key Takeaways: Monitor your contest in real-time to improve it as you go Track the metrics of your objectives to measure your contest success Use analytic tools like Google, Wishponds Social Contest Suite, and your website.How frequently youll run contests (weekly contests build momentum).Add them to your mailing list, engage with them, and provide the information these people need that also strengthens your blogs name chevy traverse rebates 2017 and business.Keep them related to your brand, desired by your market, and suited to your contest ask.Measure the results and progress towards your goals.

So be careful what you select as a prize to pull in more participants.
Missing the award can totally ruin the contest.
Gain immediate sales, increase engagement levels on social media.This gives you one more opportunity to talk about your contest to your social connections.Theyre only entering for the prize.They give your business immediate sales.Adam February 11, Comments 7, flares Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Buffer 0 Google 0 LinkedIn 7 7, flares, contests have been a touchy subject ever since Facebook changed youtube gaither vocal band give it away the rules and removed many pages that werent abiding by them.