how to run a contest for facebook likes

There are still guidelines for using a status update for a Timeline contest.
This will make it almost impossible to convert these users into actual sales for your business.
Build your Contest Page, the contest entry page needs promotion codes for bodybuilding supplements to be simple and exciting.
In some cases, this might be just the entrants name, age and email address.Attention-Grabbing Title: A short title phrased as a call-to-action is the best way to maximize entries.In addition, part of the official rules comes terms and eligibility information.Be sure its well-integrated into your other marketing efforts.Do this by asking only for an email in order to enter.Violating any of Facebooks rules will result in your contest, and possibly your page, being shut down.#8: Consider Facebook Ads Investing in Facebook Ads is a great and affordable way to increase the reach of your promotion.

In August last year, Facebook made promotions and competitions more accessible to small businesses.
It is important to remember that the big change in Facebooks terms and conditions does not mean you can run a Facebook competition how activate wh smith gift card you like.
Written recommendations are the easiest type of user generated content to obtain from fans.It will only attract people who are interested in your products, which is what you want!How to Run a Facebook Contest to Keep Fans Engaged Fan engagement is important to keep in mind as it shows how much your fans are thinking and talking about your brand.Like any company, Facebook has rules when it comes to running a contest through their platform. You maximize brand awareness by having more people share about your contest.What do you think?To maximize new emails and leads you need to maximize entries.