home for the holidays lyrics j cole

A lot of shit done changed in the time that youve been gone.
Cole - Verse 3, man i reminisce on them school days.
Ll be home for the holidays.
Hook, said Ill be home for the holidays.Big city on his own sh-t.Said I'll be home for the holidays.A lot of shit been changing the time you've been gone.The last time I seen ya baby you ain't have no clothes.And went and got baby?That missed the bus then hit the blunt and go to school blazed That trying to get laid so i gotta stay fly But a n-gga had a shot you?

Hey, this is the story of a young?
But Ill be home for the holidays.
So sweet, so thick, girl pick up win a car contest 2014 your phone, its.
Got a little knowledge now Im following the politics.
T know me no more.But I'll be home for the holidays.I gotta leave, I wish I could black friday laptop deals 2015 uk stay.I gotta leave, i wish I could stay.I gotta get up put this city?Girl, we got history semester seem so long.A lot of sh-t been changing the time you?Girl, please, we got history, semester seem so long.She said what, we ain't homies no more.