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Compare the number of copies requested for books with beautiful covers to those with meh covers.
Back cover copy counts.
If you have many copies to offer, I suggest running tuesday giveaway linky additional giveaways rather than offering all of them at once.I really cant help myself sometimes.That was because I was ending giveaways on very popular days (around Christmas time).A short giveaway can be a powerful thing.42, by Melissa Storm ahhh, Goodreads.US, CA, GB US, CA, GB US, CA, GB All countries.5 All countries All countries Tips for running an effective Goodreads giveaway.My experience and my experiment, i was so excited to run my first giveaway.

Thats such a shame.
More reviews higher popularity.
She now writes most of her fiction under her real name, Melissa Storm.
Alex Kosmitoras might not have a magic wand or vampiric strength and speed, but he is a totally swoon-worthy hero that any mom would be proud to let her daughter date.
More countries more exposure.There arent as many giveaways for international users, and I know they appreciate being included!Im going to add to that and, in some places, contradict it with my own personal discount codes for car rentals experience.Melissa Storm was born with a fountain pen grasped firmly in her left hand (true story).The single best thing you can do for yourself on Goodreadsother than joining the site and claiming your author profileis to host book giveaways.