gifted education endorsement virginia

Specific topics included in the course content are: (a) Collaboration Between Gifted and academy schools in dallas tx General Education; (b) The Psycho-Social Adjustment and Guidance of Gifted Learners; (c) The Plight of Underserved Populations of Gifted Learners; (d) Educational Programming Models for Gifted Education; and (e) The approaches.
For most students, four courses are required (three of which are offered online).
This content of the course will focus on the design and development of differentiated curriculum for gifted learners.
Students willlearn how to adapt and modify existing curricula for gifted learners, as well as how to design new curricular materials for gifted learners through a predetermined process.This course is designed to introduce the historical and theoretical foundations of the field of gifted education will be discussed, including varying conceptions of giftedness.This course focuses on the traditional and current special issues related to the recognition and education of giftedness in individuals from birth through the life span.Participants will examine the critical issues facing the field of gifted child education and future directions.

Yes, does the state have a policy requiring districts to recognize gifted eligibilities from other districts in the same state?
Elementary Education, teachers currently holding an active teaching license in Virginia may pursue this option to add an endorsement in Elementary Education PK-6. .
This course is offered to students who complete required endorsement coursework at JMU.
Gifted Education, teachers currently holding an active teaching license in Virginia may pursue this option to add an endorsement in Gifted Education K-12. .
One focus of the course is the knowledge of the specific cognitive and socio-emotional developmental nature of gifted learners and the knowledge pertaining to the characteristics and related needs of gifted individuals.Exed 560 The Nature Needs of Gifted Learners (3 credits).For most students, 4-5 courses are required. .A 300-hour field experience is required as part of the program.Students also will learn how to assess and make appropriate decisions about the suitability of curricular materials for gifted learners.The primary purpose of this course is to develop in participants the knowledge, conceptual understandings, and skills to assess, identify accurately and nurture effectively giftedness in all gifted students, including those students who are typically underserved.Exed 565 Instructional Methods in Gifted Education (3 credits).Exed 570 Practicum in Gifted Education (3 credits.Exed 660 Curriculum Design in Gifted Education (3 credits).