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Technology used, return voucher hTML, CSS, JS, PHP, key Feature.
You can use this function: PHP: rand - Manual, i guess there is a Coupon Code raffles institution scandal table that you are keeping for records.
Simple PHP Coupon Code Generator is licensed under the.
Free Paid Accounts Available, secure System Beta, tip.Tip 2, reduce Guess-ability, reduce guess-ability by adding more characters to your code Character Range.Character Range, how Many, characters.Firstly, before generating the Code:.I think it's no problem if it takes a while, the important thing is to ensure that will not be repeated coupons.Generate a random number using the above function.

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Free Generate Random Codes (Lite) Tool.
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Limit: 10,000, example Code?Simple PHP coupon code generator to genrate N number of coupons.If the number generated is same, then try again else use the newly generated number.Its key feature is the generation of a coupon code on a mask like this xxxxxx or prefix-xxxx-xxxx-suffix where X random symbol, - custom separator.Export codes to excel sheet, usage 1) Dynamic length coupon:generate(8 / J5BST6NQ 2) Using prefix coupon:generate(6, XYZ- / XYZ-NT163E 3) Using suffix coupon:generate(6, XYZ-, -ABC / XYZ-TC2MSD-ABC 4) Without numbers coupon:generate(6, false / lntdrs 5) Without letters coupon:generate(6, true, false / 835710 6) With symbols.Submit: Generate Codes, register for Beta Secure Random Codes System.I think the idea of putting the coupon field as UK interesting only because you can go creating and if it fails, try to generate a new coupon, to complete the desired amount.