curling sweeping controversy

Curling, which has boomed in kurt geiger promotion code 2014 since becoming an Olympic sport in 1998, has undergone an evolution in other ways: Its players increasingly garish uniforms, and competitors who look like they spend more time hoisting barbells than beer mugs have helped generate attention.
The issue had its genesis about four years ago when a company called Hardline introduced a new voucher codes pc world currys laptops brush to the game.
newfoundland skip and Olympic gold medallist Brad Gushue says testing his team has done proves a hair brush straight out of the box scratches the ice as much as the outlawed directional fabric does.Mostly, it comes down to inertia, momentum, and frictionand the fact that, for curling purpose, the ice isnt smooth, its pebbled.As a game, curling is pretty simplekind of like bocce ball on ice.In contrast, according to the Hardline website, the icePad isolates the friction caused by brushing only where the running surface of the rock has contact with iceon top of the pebblewith little resistance.For the recreational curler anything is essentially legal.In a ten end game, or even an eight end game, with both teams using such equipment, what would be left of the ice, much less the pebble, in later ends.It should be noted here that the Hardline pads had a plastic stiffener layer between the foam and the fabric within their pads.

Taken from: WCF Brush Moratorium Report final Dec 7,2015.
Shows pebble that has been clipped by a Nipper.
The brooms were used to manipulate the trajectory of a thrown rock in unprecedented ways, and curlers were worried they would affect the integrity of the game.
At the Toronto bonspiel a year ago Balance Plus, a supplier that has been around for over twenty five years, had Glen Howards team use a very aggressive pad on their brushes.
As I wrote for, scientific American in 2014: Once a stone is thrown and gets some momentum, it can slide quite a long ways before the friction builds up enough to slow it to a stop.But the brooms also spawned a radical directional sweeping technique, with one sweeper sweeping at a time instead of two simultaneously.But before we get into what exactly the controversy is about, it's necessary to give a little background on curling.We are back to straighter/further and two sweepers are going to be more effective than one.In the minds of many, including a growing number of elite curlers, this was a road they thought would compromise the game.The manipulation effect was of course pronounced and their point was made that point being Look where the game will go if we continue down this road."When you throw a great rock, we want you to make the shot, and, when you don't throw a great rock, I don't think you deserve to make the shot Olympic gold medal winner Ben Hebert told the paper.The term legal is thrown around a lot as in Is this one of the legal pads.Then he steered the matter back to the main point, one that seems to go behind stones and brooms.The technique continued after the Frankenbroom ban because sweepers can influence a stone's movement in the same manner, though to a lesser extent, with "legal" brooms.