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Person desiring political office, job competitor noun.
Science fairs, pinewood derby, barbecue contests.
Person with wish, dream athlete noun.
A contestant is someone who competes in a game or contest.En In accordance with article.4 of the statute of the Dispute Tribunal, no application shall be receivable if filed more than three years after the applicants receipt of the contested administrative decision.Of contester (see contest).More words related to contestant field noun.En Considering that in his request to the Minister of the Interior, the author had confined himself to asking for his military service in the Belgian army in Germany to be taken into account in determining his seniority and pension rights, without indicating which specific.En The contest projects will be selected by an Expert Commission in three stages.

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En Where's that contest flyer?
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But so had all the other contestants, and their plans were not lost.En Electoral law provides that the Clerk of the Dáil shall be the Registrar of Political Parties and requires him/her to register any party applying for registration which is, in his/her opinion, a genuine political party organized to contest elections in the State.En The facts alleged, which are not contested by the Government, show that the criminal proceedings conducted against.Noun competitor, synonyms for contestant noun competitor, antonyms for contestants, roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.En It will provide financial weebly coupon code 2017 aid for patent application for water-saving inventions, and academic seminars, knowledge contests and photography exhibitions on water resource conservation technologies will be conducted in order to improve public awareness of the issue.En Do not have contests to see who can be the most reverent.En Referring to this example, one can contest the prevailing opinion that Eximbank and other ECAs support predominantly large transactions.You can also be a contestant in a sporting competition or on a reality show.Contestant comes from the verb contest, from the French contester, "oppose which has a Latin root, contestari, "to bring action.".