charlie chaplin lookalike contest loser

His name was Bob Hope.
He did not win as they were more brilliant performers who were imitating Charlie.
If a much-admired and bright personality as well-known as Charlie Chaplin cant even win at pin up girl contest 2017 being himself then how much tougher is it to act like somebody else.Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest, and lost!Trivia: Charlie Chaplin Entered a Chaplin Look-Alike Contest.When one researcher asked the, association Chaplin to weigh in, they apparently had this to say: "This anecdote told by Lord Desborough, whoever he may have been, was quite widely reported in the British press at the time.There was something like 40 competitors, and Charlie Chaplin, as a joke, entered the contest under an assumed name.A competition in Charlie Chaplin impersonations was held in California recently.Charlie Chaplin secretly slipped into the crowd and participated in the contest, but acquired 20th, some reports say 27th position.The incident took place at San Francisco theatre where.Poverty Bay Herald, again in 1920.It's fun to imagine that he did.Charlie Chaplin Does Cocaine and Saves the Day in Modern Times (1936).

Charlie Chaplin started appearing in his first films in films, to be precise-and, by 1915, the United States had a major case of ".
A man named Moondyne.
After getting a report of such happening, Charlies son went through the book which his father has written, about each and every incident that took place in his life.As per the sources, Charlie Chaplin never acknowledged this and his son didnt mention it in his book about his father.At a dinner in the Anglo-Saxon club, she told Lady Desborough, that there was a contest in the US about imitating Charlie Chaplins walk.But, a century later, many consider the story the stuff of urban legend.I'd like to believe.