cash rebate credit card promotion

Borrow only if you can repay!
This marketing program is reserved for domestic service only and does not include the services of niether Advance Booking nor the Nearest Car or Taxi.
For more information, please call."Eligible Purchases" refers to retail purchases made locally or overseas, and recurring payments like giro and Interest-free Instalment Payment Plan (only the amount billed on the credit card for any particular month and not the full instalment amount and excludes balance transfers, financial charges, late.For avoidance of doubt, in relation to the 2013 Shell Programme, the Rebate limit at (iii) above shall not apply until the expiry of the 2013 Shell Programme, and Rebates awarded for Eligible Purchases at Shell stations (from to ) will instead be limited.In the event that the relevant account is delinquent, voluntarily or involuntarily closed or terminated or suspended for any reason whatsoever before the Rebate is credited into the said account, hsbc reserves the right not to credit the Rebate.By way of illustration, a table setting out the Rebates which may be awarded is set amc free popcorn coupon 2015 out below (this table does not include further details such as eligibility criteria for new Cardholders etc Spend tier, min.Card Low Interest Loan and Services.The Eligible Cardholder's account must be at good standing and conducted in a proper and satisfactory manner as determined by hsbc in its sole discretion at the time of crediting the Rebate."Rebates" shall refer to the cash rebate credited to the Eligible Cardholder's relevant credit card account in accordance with the terms of this Promotion which may be used to offset the Eligible Cardholder's future hsbc Card account debits and cannot be transferred, withdrawn as cash.

Eligible Purchases for which Rebates will not be granted will nevertheless be counted for purposes of Rebate eligibility at Clause.
Steps TO apply : Complete the short form and click "Submit".
In case of any dispute, hsbc's decision on all matters relating to this Promotion is final, conclusive and binding.
5 Rebate on Eligible Purchases with Petrol and Groceries Merchants, and 2 Rebate on Eligible Purchases with Dining Merchants.Self-employed Photocopy of ID Card / Government Official ID Card / Stated Enterprise ID Card Photocopy of Identification Card Photocopy of home registration Photocopy of home registration Current month Payroll slip/salary certification letter Photocopy of your company valid registration of your company valid registration Bank.Eligibility, age: 20 years old and above.Existing Eligible Cardholders will need to charge a minimum amount of S800 in Eligible Purchases per month for all 3 months in a Quarter (set out at Clause 11) on a hsbc Card, to be eligible for this Rebate, for that hsbc Card.This separate S150 Rebate limit will cease to apply after the termination of the 2013 Shell Programme, and thereafter Eligible Purchases made at Shell service stations will be subject to the the Rebate limit at (iii) above.Example: carowinds season pass promotional code New online cash service user apply for HK150,000 with Annualised Percentage Rate (APR).88 24 month instalments: Promotion Period -, how to Apply, apply Online.Hsbc is not the supplier of the products and/or services provided by the participating Merchants involved in this Programme and will not accept any liability in relation thereto.