call center sales contest ideas

The first consideration for any manager that wants to enter in to team-focused motivational games operating within a contact centre environment is to ensure they have the budget, time and dedication required to make it a success.
Download the Full Guide for More Tips on Motivating Your Sales Reps ยป 4) Create contests that your advance auto parts discount code 2016 top rep doesnt win all the time.
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Relatively easy to design and implement, every individual may automatically be entered in to a programme where all participants can earn points for all applicable centre-specific criteria.
Christmas is coming up this week will a lot of your outbound reps be on vacation?Lets take the example of the contest for most Connects by noon tomorrow from #2: at 5pm tomorrow, take a look at the call report.Which specific behaviors do I want to influence with the contest?Wed love to hear your thoughts below!Team prizes are great bonding opportunities: sports game tickets, race car driving lessons, a gift certificate to a team dinner.Does the same rep win most of your contests?It gets old pretty quickly, and frankly its a lazy choice.In trying to motivate them, using such a term might alienate older staff or those who think that call centre work isnt taken seriously enough as.Here at InsightSquared, we show this leaderboard on big-screen televisions mounted in several places in our office.If you are looking at setting up a reward scheme, something that you may want to consider is a product knowledge challenge.Rather, consider team-building exercises like Chinese whispers or test your observation energisers.2) Switch up the length of each contest.

The games we employ at Garlands are voluntary, yet people are enthusiastic to take part.
7) Get your heavy hitters to play along.
By a process of elimination, the missing piece is revealed.The target species will include blue marlin, Pacific sailfish, dorado and roosterfish.Far from having to physically transport all the gear, an easy shortcut is available that only the most patient and attentive teams detect.Typically these might include attendance, punctuality, call average handling time, realisation of quality targets and mystery shopping scores.Free Sales Leaderboard App on the Salesforce AppExchange, which displays the real-time performance of your top 5 reps.Younger reps will look up to his example and will be motivated to compete hard in the contest.Without all three components firmly in place, any company-wide initiative will fail due to a lack of engagement and belief by your staff.