calculating smp childcare vouchers

If I pay Higher rate tax, can I still claim childcare vouchers?
Both parents can sign up for childcare vouchers, as long as both their employers offer a childcare scheme.
Each pay period, when we send your childcare voucher order to your employer, they will discount aquarium tempe calculate your hourly rate again based on your remaining gross wage.There is a minimum childcare voucher order of 20 per pay period.This ignores potential bonus and overtime payments and any salary sacrifice arrangements, but includes other known taxable benefits such as guaranteed bonus payments and London weighting.This will ensure that your SMP calculations are based on your higher salary (not including your salary sacrifice deductions).Option 3- A woman may opt out of the childcare voucher scheme during the period which SMP is calculated.If you withdraw from the Scheme your Childcare Vouchers would cease from this date.Scenario: original weekly wage 400; contract of employment varied o employee now receives a revised basic weekly wage of 350 plus 50 in childcare vouchers; becomes pregnant; expected week of childbirth ; starts maternity leave on Monday ; employee entitled to occupational maternity pay based.Yes, childcare vouchers are available to Basic, Higher and Additional rate taxpayers.

As your SMP is being calculated on your lower salary, no further deductions can be taken off SMP.
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The obligation for the company to provide vouchers only occurs in respect of a woman who already has one qualifying child on the voucher scheme.
Will Childcare Vouchers Affect My Statutory Maternity Or Paternity Pay?Your SMP will then be calculated at the lower rate (after salary sacrifice deductions).From April 2017 Scotland may be different.Your new hourly rate must not fall below the national living wage (if you're aged 25 and over) online music promotion ideas or national minimum wage (if you're under 25).Some employers may allow working parents to order more than the upper amount, but the value above the will be subject to tax and National Insurance.How much can I save?This is known as a basic earnings assessment (BEA).