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Cheatography What is it A website containing cheat-sheets from a picaboo promo code variety of subjects.
Memorize What is it A simple website to create your own memorization tables.
This website will give you the locations, staff info, practice tests, interview questions, employee experiences, photos of their offices and more.Pros Cons Books are exclusively written by them.Shareable between group members.How is it useful If you dont have the time to look over the entire internet to find all the books that are free to read, you will find it in no time by using this site.It can be a good resource for those students who have to give presentations on a continuous basis too.

Do you have a term paper due tomorrow or an incoming exam and yet you find yourself wasting precious time checking facebook or playing games?
How is it useful Especially useful when you just need a clean sheet of paper to keep those ideas flowing to the fullest.
You can start from the very basic levels or choose to jump to more advanced levels as long as you can pass a few quizzes.StudentBeans What is it A site listing discounts from major retailers.Study Guides and Strategies What is it The complete resource website for tips and guides how to study for your exams, learn difficult topics, write papers, do presentations and research, etc.Step by step solutions.A lot of email updates.How is it useful If you like to read instructions with pictures, wikisite offers you with instructions for just about anything you may need to learn during college.How to Handle a Flirty Professor.Has a blog for more advice.How is it useful If you find yourself having a difficult time managing your money and dealing promo code american eagle shipping with everything that is finance related.Twitter How is it Useful Use twitter to connect with professionals, stay up to date with your industry, socialize with businesses, comment and share on professional content.